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Sarah Lillian:
Founder, CEO

This week... Wednesday, August 18th. I will be announcing on social media that my company is  going NATIONAL!

Now I understand that not everyone knows what we are doing, because we had to completely change my business model to make this happen... and this is something that has never been done before in all of history! That's why I personally - handpicked you to share this with!

What I have learned over the last year and half, is that:
NOW, more than ever before... we need to support one another and help one another find the tools and resources to grow "together" and evolve. We have to re-think how we interact with the World. There has to be a change! And I choose to be the change I want to see in this World.

Every day my company gets flooded with people looking for mobile beauty services all over the world, people who are scared... disabled... have busy lives, families  and children to raise. There is a massive need and demand for this... but for now, I will be focusing on  "America" alone.

What We Are:


We are the One and Only "Mobile Salon Business Development and Marketing Agency for Hair Stylists and Salon Business Owners. We are running the Worlds first Mobile App that operates like a "UBER for beauty services"

My company co-operates with "Vision Consulting Group". They provide and implement business development along with bookkeeping services in our programs".


Now we've gone above and beyond with this... Our "MBR" Success Program, over-all covers their first year in business from start-up (which will take an initial 6 months in the actual developmental process) to running their mobile salon. Once they are ready to run their mobile salon, they get 6 months FREE of the "Mobile Booth Rental Lease" in the "Hair Everywhere Mobile Salons" App.

This Includes:

*Location Lock-

We give them a 100% guarantee of zero competition on the App. Their location is theirs while they are leasing it.

*Hyper-Location Target Marketing-

This is a special marketing technique that pin points their specific demographic and location in the app, so they can really focus on the important parts of running their business... making money!

Having Vision Consulting Group in co-operation with our programs gives these hair stylists and salon business owners the tools and resources to leverage 100% of the

"MBR SUCCESS Program" as a Tax Write-OFF!

Now I believe in spreading the love for all! This isn't just about the services we offer for hair stylist and salon owners... this is about you too! This is about utilizing these types of platforms to help the people we love all around us. We can all rise together!

I am personally offering you, my friend - a very special offer:

Below I have a opt-in form to be one of my select few to join my referalls program!

You will receive $150 via Paypal for every person you refer that joins the "MBR SUCCESS Program"

If you do decide to be a part of this new beauty revolution, I will give you a link to educate people you think are a good fit for the program and you can share it out anytime after wednesday!

Hey, you never know who's life this might change... could be yours!


Thank you so much, your submission has been received.

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