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Are you sure you are ready to learn HOW YOU CAN CAPITALIZE ON 

"mobile salon real estate"?

Innovative salons are moving forward at a pace and to a place where there is no "better-than" end-game because they are in a constant state of innovation. This is where you see businesses stand the test of time. 

What i’m about to teach you is in fact... the new REVOLUTION IN THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY!

Could it be possible for the beauty culture/society to thrive without competition as its underlying dynamic?


This is how the beauty industry is adapting to the massive changes in our world:


The beauty industry requires progressive thinking fueled by problem solving skills. Whether we want to admit it or not, the complexity of it is rapidly changing. Our instincts tell us to shy away from this complexity of change... but we have to make the choice to embrace this change, or we are not going to make it in a already highly competitive industry. 


Consumers will pay for unique experiences and they will value it more when it bring convenience into their life. 

When we change the boundaries in the foundation of our beauty business, several phenomena’s occur:

  • Masstige - Premium but attainable luxury 

  • The desire of consumers to have beauty services in a safe environment 

  • Creating beauty service experiences at home.

Most brick and mortar salon owners don't realize before they go into business, that after their stylists are payed out, they really get the short end of the deal because after all their expenses: rent, utilities and the cost of goods sold are paid out... the owner profit is less than 30 percent of each service. Unfortunately salon owners must raise prices to counter the increase in compensation or accept reduced revenue. Some salons pay salaries to minimize the impact that commissions have on profits, but it’s still not a scalable business model and has high overhead costs. 


3 of the biggest mistakes salon owners make.


  1. Thinking too small

  2. Compromising your ability to scale by committing to one location. 

  3. Not having a marketing system that generates consistent cashflow. 

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