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What's covered in this program?

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As a Beauty Professional, you hold the "KEY" to your own success.
The "MBR Success Program" is a blueprint of
"KEY STEPS". When you follow these "KEY STEPS", you will learn how to digitally program your business into a streamlined, location-free and hands-free operation. You will learn the fundamentals of building your mobile business from beginning to end. When you are done with the program, you will be running your mobile business seamlessly like a well oiled machine!

We understand the challenges that a company faces when purchasing a franchise, but we want you to have the creative control over your own business. This is why we teach you and lease you. Our team is here to help you navigate through the process of building and running your own mobile business in the

"MBR Success Program". Once you have completed the program and have established your mobile business online, your mobile business will be ready to go live for mobile bookings on the Hair Everywhere Mobile Salons app. Whatever you make, is all yours!


"Who is the ‘Mobile Booth Rental’ Lease (MBR) available for?"

ANSWER: Beauty Professionals who have a established mobile business or have completed the "MBR" Success Program". Must be a new location not already taken on the app.


How the app works:

The app works like an UBER for beauty services and products. Wherever your clients go, their beauty needs are being met. This has become a big trend for beauty professionals since the world of COVID-19 began. Owning a mobile business is a highly lucrative way to generate income without the overhead of a shop. That’s kind of huge deal when you think about it! Think about how much your water, electricity and rent costs you alone each month. Now, multiply that by 12. That’s well over 35k a year back in your pocket! Crazy, right?!

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Anastasia Z, President of Tamada Party Entertainment

I am so honored to be a part of this program! It taught me about funneling strategies, marketing tricks to attract the right audience to my page. It helped me understand my targeted audience and the best ways to reach them!

I highly recommend it.

FIVE STARS, all the way!


Dave C, SongMind Studios

Anyone joining this program will be fortunate enough to have access to fantastic, well put-together content that will help their business succeed. Each lesson is actionable and I found them to have an immediate positive impact on my business. By the end of the program, I noticed that my social media presence more than quadrupled and I'd acquired more great clients than I know what to do with! In total, not only is my business better, but I feel spiritually transformed with the confidence I needed to succeed. Sarah is a fantastic coach and I can’t recommend this program more highly!

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