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Your Business Advisory and Bookkeeping Team!

PROVIDED BY: Vision Consulting Group 

elivers relationship based Business Advisory and Bookkeeping services to help you START YOUR BUSINESS RIGHT and KEEP GROWING! 





Business Advisory and Bookkeeping services are individually a upgraded service inside of the MBR Success Program. The peace of mind alone of knowing you have a team committed to setting your business up properly and handling the finance side of your business is kind of a big deal. The first month working with David is for your Business Advisory services. Once your business bank account is active, then you will want to have your bookkeeping set up for your first quarter in business. Any upgraded services are discounted inside of the MBR Success Program. If you want to scale your mobile beauty business you will absolutely need bookkeeping services, but the option is ultimately always yours.




- Noelia writes... I highly recommend David from Vision Consulting Group. He is a life saver for us and our business. He is a very professional person who really cares about his customers. He went above and beyond in helping us. I was thankful enough to have him properly structure our business. Thank you David for all your help and looking forward to a long term business relationship. 



- O. A. writes...Setting up my small business and getting all my accounting done has never been easier thanks to David and Vision Consulting Group. David helped me with getting everything registered, getting my bank account set up, and helping out with understanding what my best options are within the tax world in general. I always thought I could just do this all by myself, but looking at where I am now thanks to David, I realize that I would not have properly equipped myself, and my business properly, if I had gone about everything on my own. I am quickly getting ready to open up my business in a much shorter time span than I had originally hoped for, and I don’t even have to worry about the bookkeeping thanks to David and his team. I feel like I can actually focus on what matters the most in my business, like my products and my customers, instead of stressing out about numbers that consume too much time. I am so happy with where I am headed, and I could not be more excited to have hired Vision Consulting Group! I recommend David to all of my friends who are looking into any sort of accounting, start-ups, or bookkeeping needs. 



- H.S. writes...Working with David and his team has made the process of getting my business set up and ready to go so much easier! I went into opening a business and taxes with literally zero knowledge, and thanks to David I feel like I have so many tools and such a better grasp of what is going on. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders with the stress of getting all of my accounting done. Plus, David is a great guy! He is very kind and easy to talk to. I feel very supported, and very thankful to have found him to help myself, and my future. I would completely recommend Vision Consulting Group to anyone looking for any sort of accounting services. It will make your life so much easier and having an amazing team behind your back makes it even better!



- Mahala writes...I am really appreciating David's incredible customer service. David got in touch right away, which was refreshing and boded well for future customer service. We were able to get on a call quickly. He was able to answer all my questions, and I feel much more at ease with the finances of my small company.



- Julie writes...David and Vision Consulting has gone above and beyond to assist with answering multiple questions with knowledgable insight and has a wonderful energy that brings constant positivity and comfort. We are a new business venture and David has made sure we are comfortable and understanding, with various options to meet our business needs. Their communication is wonderful and I would highly recommend Vision Consulting for your bookkeeping and accounting needs. Thank you for making this process flow so smoothly!



- Michelle P. writes...I absolutely hate the feeling of being "behind" in my bookkeeping especially since I KNOW that I should be using my financial statements and info to manage my business better. I know that not having the numbers right is costing me, but I'm far too busy working in my business to learn and keep up with the books. David and Mike have been a godsend!



- Patricia L. writes...As a startup, I needed guidance and assistance setting up my bookkeeping. Vision Consulting Group got me set up right and is providing monthly support for a very reasonable price.



- Geoffrey writes...I have never been a fan of preparing for tax season and I'm FAR too busy in my business to be part of the daily tasks to keep up with the books. The crew at Vision Consulting Group, especially David and Mike, made it painless - all except for the taxes!



- Ryan L. writes...David and the pros at Vision Consulting Group made my business bookkeeping and prep for tax season super smooth. They make sure that I get all the advantages of being a business owner I deserve!

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