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Welcome fellow beauty professionals and lovers!

I'm SARAH  LILLIAN, Mobile Hair Stylist- turned marketing genius and I am here to revolutionize the beauty industry as a whole. 


It is my mission to empower stylists and salon owners to reach unfathomable new levels with their business and to completely change the perception of how services can operate for the beauty industry - WORLD WIDE.

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Meet The Team

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My introduction to the beauty industry was back in 2002. My first job at 15 years old, I was a shampoo-girl. There was something magical about watching people transform in the chair. I was hooked! I knew this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to make people light up inside! I had found my passion in life, but when I graduated cosmetology school... I came to some very shocking realizations... there are some serious flaws in the beauty industry as a whole. I could not create a sustainable income inside the salon and I had to supplement my income just to barely get by.

By the time I was 19, I decided to hit the road and become a mobile salon owner. What I really hit, was the jackpot!  It was a scaleable and limitless business model, but it took me many years to figure out how to do it the right way.


September of 2014... I had a profound spiritual awakening.. a complete shift in my conscious awareness. I had a vision to create a mobile app that brought beauty services to people... but not only that, I wanted to provide hairdressers and salon owners with the tools and resources to grow their own mobile beauty business.

Over the last couple years, our planet has gone through some immense changes. We're all being called to evolve with the times. Every day my company get's flooded with people looking for mobile beauty services all over the World. People who are scared, disabled, have busy lives, families and children to raise. It's very humbling for me to be able to provide these services for people. There is a massive need and demand for this!

My Company is the One and Only - Mobile Salon Business Development and Marketing Agency - for Hair Stylists and Salon Business Owners. All the tools and resources you need are streamlined through our mobile app. The app itself operates kind of  like a "uber" for beauty services. All the mobile salons get their own booking button(s). Inside the app I created the trainings (or blueprint if you will) that I wished was there for me when I was struggling in the salon, so that all stylists and salon owners can now have access to this scalable, innovative, progressive, proven - business model and marketing solutions.

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